Wall Framing and Wall Panel Detailing

Component Runner, LLC is your best oursourcing solution for Wall Framing and Wall Panel Detailing. Our USA Project Managers each have over 10 years experience in wall framing and panelization design and can help you with your overflow work, whether it's takeoffs for estimating or complete wall panel detailing for production.

MiTek SAPPHIREAt Component Runner, LLC we've standardized on MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure for Wall Panels as we have deemed it to be the best software solution for accuracy and efficiency.

If you're still using MiTek eFrame for wall panel design, we can still help, so please contact us today for more information.

Wall Panel Manufacturing or Wall Framing in the Field, we're available to help you today.

For the MiTek Wall Panel Manufacturer

We can help you with all facets of wall panel detailing. We will work with your design manager to ensure we are using the same version of the MITek SAPPHIRE Structure software for wall panels you currently use in-house. We will work with you and develop a "Preferences Chart" that will incorporate your standard methodology for manufacturing panels, this preferences chart will be our benchmark moving forward so we understand your; layout preferences, junction types, blocking requirements, very top plate requirements, panel breaking requirements, stacking requirements and any other details that are important to your plant. We will also capture your MiTek database so the files we return to you are fully compatible with your inventory and preferences. Our team of highly experienced USA wall panel Project Managers will be available to you as needed to help with your overflow wall panel detailing needs. Finally, a solid option for outsourcing wall panel design!

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how Component Runner, LLC can help you today!

For the Lumber Supplier

With the construction industry on the upswing, there's a growing shortage of experienced framers who are skilled in laying out walls. This creates a problem for framing contractor who are in need ot these skills now causing costly delays on the job. At Component Runner, LLC we're receiving many phone calls from Lumber Suppliers who are interested in adding value to their lumber packages by offering detailed construction drawings for their framing contractor customers, but don't have the staff to handle it. We can help. Our highly experienced wall panel designers will develop detailed wall framing output for you to provide your customers. We will frame the building and develop framer friendly shop drawings to make it significantly easier for them to frame walls on-site. Our standard output package includes; Easy to read and understand wall layouts, wall framing elevation reports for standard, raked and balloon framed walls, bottom plate cutting reports, material lists, cutting lists and more.

Contact us today if you're interested in learning how Component Runner can be your value added resource for increasing lumber sales.

For the Framing Contractor

More and more framing contractors are thinking outside the box when it comes to framing in the field, especially for commercial and multi-family projects. Gone are the days when laying out and framing walls from scratch are common place. At Component Runner, LLC we're working with a growing number of framing contractors who are seeing the value in taking a manufacturing approach to framing on-site. We're working with framing contractors who are building mini-wall panel plants on the jobsite and framing walls on wood tables instead of on the deck and using detailed shop drawings which are designed, dimensioned and pre-approved prior to the framing process so when your framing crew comes on the job they're productive and efficient from day one. We're working with framing contractors who are even purchasing portable automated plate marking and cutting equipment and moving them to the jobsite. For these customers who have automated equipment that's compatible with our software we provide electronic data that can drive the saw so no user knowledge or input is required in the field. This creates a highly efficient process for marking and cutting plates so the framing process becomes highly efficient and almost failsafe, saving time and money for all. At Component Runner, LLC our expert wall panel designers will work with you to ensure we develop detailed wall framing shop drawings that match your framing practices plus we'll provide a complete set of framer friendly layouts which you can plot and laminate for use in the field. We will also create a complete set of wall framing elevation reports, cutting lists, bottom plate reports and material lists so you'll have everything you need to significantly shorten your cycle time on the job and virtually elimate framing errors.

Contact us today to learn how Component Runner, LLC can help you elevate your framing business to a new level of competitiveness.

View an example of a typical wall panel layout from Component Runner, LLC




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