Why Outsource to Component Runner?

Variable Cost versus Overhead

In todays economy  businesses are avoiding adding overhead whenever possible, sometimes to the detriment of growth. As business improves we see  increases in estimating and production design that can easily overload our already stretched design staff.  Why not outsource your overflow design work and win more business?

Until now, there has not been a viable option for outsourcing component design, now there is, Component Runner, LLC. 

We like to think of ourselves as the "Half person you wish you had now and then". With Component Runner we are that 1/2 person. we are available to you on a job by job basis allowing you to use us when you need us and not when you don't. This allows our cost to be directly attributed to individual jobs making it a variable cost versus an overhead cost.

Professional and Legitimate

When you outsource something as important as SBC design, you may feel like you lose control becuse the designer is off-site and potentially unaccountable. This may result in a frustrating experience for you.

At Component Runner, our USA based Project Managers are hand selected and each brings a minmum of 10 years experience in the SBC design and design management. In fact our average PM experience equals 19 years! They represent the industry's best component designers and are covered under the Component Runner data infrastructure and are focused on quick turn-around and excellent customer service. Our USA team has over 298 years experience!

Our business opened in July 2007. We are in our tenth year of business and to date we have completed over 5000 jobs for over 200 MiTek customers.

Communication will never be a problem with our team because we know the importace of meeting, and exceeding, our customers expectations.  

Licensed by MiTek on your behalf

Component Runner, LLC has secured a special software license from MiTek allowing us to use the MiTek software on behalf of MiTek Component Manufacturers. We support all versions of MiTek software. This coupled with your data and design preferences means that our data environment will match yours and our designs will look as if they were designed in-house.

Component Runner is not owned or operated by MiTek, and we are only authorized to use the MiTek software to help MiTek CM's with design overflow needs. We do not sell our services directly to the builder unless we are sponsored by a local MiTek Component Manufacturer and we will never sell our services to independent truss brokers.

Insured for everyone's protection

Component Runner, LLC carries errors and ommission insurance to protect our company, our associates and our customers.

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