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Component Runner, LLC is a professional component design outsourcing company comprised of a team of design professionals with over 310 years experience specializing in SBC design. In fact, our Project Managers have an average of 22 years experience.

We provide all component design services exclusively for MiTek component manufacturers. We're not owned by MiTek, but we're fully authorized by MiTek to serve their/our valued customers.
We know that demand on your design team has ebbs and flows which makes it challenging when high volume makes it impossible to keep up. This is when you need Component Runner, and that's why we are here.


Meet the Component Runner Team


Chip-at-BCMC-2014J. Chip Dean - President

Chip started in the truss industry in 1977 in Sacramento, California as a truss designer using the Gang Nail System. Working under the direct supervision of an inhouse professional engineer, Chip learned the business from a design and engineering perspective.

After three years he moved to Washington state and began working at a truss plant in Woodinville as a production scheduler and computer programmer. Chip wrote production scheduling software, cutting software, framing software and accounting software while at that plant. Within a few years he was promoted to Engineering Manager and was instrumental in helping that company develop a strong commercial truss presence as until then they were primarily a residential truss manufacturer.

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David Bailey - VP Operations

Dave started in the truss industry in 1989 in Edgewater, Maryland working as a truss designer using the Gang-Nail system.  His interest in computers and the truss design software resulted in him being assigned the task of testing new beta versions of the software as they became available.  He managed the implementation of the new MiTek 2000 program at that truss plant in 1994, and continued to manage and maintain all MiTek software installations from that point forward.

In addition to his daily responsibilities as a Truss Designer, Dave also spent time in an IT support role assembling Windows-based PC's and configuring those systems for networked use and running the MiTek software.

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John Workstus 150John Workstus - Project Manager

John began his career in the truss industry in 1986 designing trusses in a small building home center located in Vermont. One might also find him on the production floor helping to build those same components when an extra hand was needed. The position grew to include sales, interfacing with field project managers, and as Vice President, managing all aspects of the manufacturing end of the business. He has been involved in start up companies, setting up pricing schemes, work flow, sort schemes, scheduling methods and technical design departments. John has extensive experience in training designers and managing design teams. 

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brad-ferris-2013-150Bradley Ferris - Project Manager

Brad has been a well-known wood truss specialist in the Northeast for over 27 years. Brad’s career in the truss industry began in 1990 where he managed a small truss plant in South Deerfield, Massachusetts as their operations manager, Brad oversaw the design and manufacturing of trusses as well as wall panel systems. Managing a small truss plant piqued Brad’s interest in the SBC industry which began his successful career.

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Steve-Lawrence-150Steve Lawrence - Project Manager

Steve started in the truss industry in 1986 in San Diego, California, as a truss designer, estimator, and salesman for a small truss plant. He left the truss industry after 4 years and attained his General Contracting License in the state of California. Working mostly in residential remodeling and design, Steve worked for the next seven years in this capacity plus two years working in the entertainment industry as a set carpenter.

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bill-corgan-150William Corgan - Project Manager

Bill began his truss design career at a new plant in Springfield, Illinois in October 2001.  In January 2002, the plant switched to MiTek’s eFrame Layout program when the product was still in Beta testing. Due to Bill’s efforts they became the first truss plant in the USA to use MiTek eFrame Layout for production and due to Bill’s passion to get “under the hood” they remained a beta test site for MiTek for the next 8 years.  During his 11 years as the senior and sometimes, only, designer, he was responsible for all aspects of a job from the initial quote to the final shop drawings. He was also responsible for the company’s computer network and managed every installation of the MiTek software on all machines. Bill stayed with that company until September of 2012.

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Michael Gryskevicz - Project Manager

Mike started in the SBC industry in 1988 after graduating college with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Mike started in the industry at a large component manufacturer in PA with extensive prior construction experience. During his high school and college years, Mike worked in construction; specializing in masonry, rough framing, roofing and drywall installation as well as electrical and plumbing. Mike worked as a Project Manager / coordinator of complete residential building packages.


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Mark Hightower - Project Manager

Mark has always been passionate about the building process, studying and obtaining degrees in Architecture, Engineering, Estimating, Math and CAD.

Mark brings an impressive 38 years of solid component design experience to Component Runner.

Mark started in the SBC industry in 1979 focusing his career on truss design, wall panel design and design management as well as shop floor management. Mark has worked for multiple truss manufacturers mainly in Colorado and Wyoming.

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Tyler Martinez - Project Manager

Tyler started in the SBC industry in 2002 working as a truss and EWP designer for a truss plant in Montrose, Colorado. During his nine years at this location, Tyler was Production Manager and a floor and roof truss designer using MiTek 20/20, MiTek eFrame and MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure. He also designed EWP and wall panels using TJ-XPERT, and Javelin. Tyler became an expert in the MiTek production suite of software such as the setup and implementation of MiTek CyberSort. He also provided support for the saws in the cutting department. Inside, Tyler was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of MiTek MBA.

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Kevin Cahoon - Project Manager

Kevin's career in the structural building component industry began in 2004, on the shop floor of a well-known truss plant in South Carolina. He was soon offered a position as a panel designer and completed designs and base models for several "major players" in the construction game.  Kevin was consistently tasked with the more complicated and larger design projects at the plant.

He quickly became proficient with MiTek software and was responsible for reviewing and approving the design work of the rest of the staff.  Kevin also has several years of experience as a framing superintendent in the field, supervising several complex and large scale projects. 

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Stephen Caponey - Project Manager

Steve started in the SBC industry in 1996 after spending three years as a framer in central Florida.

Steve attended DeVry Institute of Technology and received an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering. He also attended Trenton State College and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

After 11 years designing complex trusses at two plants in Florida, Steve worked at truss plants in Arizona, Louisiana and Wisconsin where he was design manager leading a team of 20 designers.

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Jeremiah Longe

Jeremiah started in the SBC industry in 2004 working as an inside sales representative as well as a truss and wall panel designer for one of the largest component manufacturers in the country. From there he became a truss and EWP designer for a company that sold trusses in both USA and Canada. With an excellent knowledge of the design process, Jeremiah used that skill to become an effective Technical Sales Representative. Jeremiah has worked as an Outside Salesmen on the retail side of the building industry.

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