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The below list represents the bulk of what we do. We're experts and specialists in all MiTek software and our deep understanding of it makes us very easy to work with. We create a customer environment for each of our customers allowing us to run the exact MiTek software versions you run in your office for  both engineering and layout programs, eliminating incorrect materials and design defaults. We meticulously capture your MiTek data so we can mimic your office in terms of master defaults, material inventory and any combination of options specified in the MiTek database.

You will be assigned a Project Manager who knows your business! We have assembled a team of SBC Design professionals with double digit years of design and management experience. These experts will always be there to ensure that what you get back from us is what you need, not what we think you need, requiring the least amount of re-work needed at your end to fit your requirements. Once we are done with the learning process we will be a great resource for you when you are overloaded and need help now!


Component Runner, LLC is not owned or operated by MiTek. Component Runner, LLC is an authorized Service provider of MiTek and is fully licensed by MiTek for the use of the MiTek software for the benefit of MiTek customers.


People - The most important part
1) All Jobs are managed by highly experienced USA based Project Manager's who are responsibile for the overall success of each job assigned to them.

2) Our PM's are provide daily review of our design team progress plus Q/C checking
3) They are the customer liasion for managing all communication, RFI's, schedule changes, etc. 


Building Information Modeling using MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure and MiTek eFrame software.
1) Floor and Roof truss layouts for quotation or production
2) Autodesk compatible Building Information Modeling using MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure software
3) QUICK QUOTE Service for commercial floor and roof truss jobs using a blend of design engineering and area pricing, delivered in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet


Structural Framing, Wood Truss and EWP Design Services
1) Wall framing detailing and Wall Panelization using MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure software
2) EWP Modeling and design using MiTek SAPPHIRE, iLevel Javelin or Boise BC Framer software
3) Manufactured Housing truss design using MiTek engineering software


Professional Engineering Services
1) Sealed Layouts
2) Wall Bracing Sheets
3) Field Repairs
4) Whole House Engineering


Material Estimating Services using Planswift and MiTek SAPPHIREStructure software
1) Rough Framing takeoffs
2) Whole House material estimating with customer SKU's
3) Complete structural connector takeoffs including Truss to Truss, straps, anchors and shear walls and hold-downs


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Component Runner, LLC
P.O. Box 92 - North Marshfield, MA 02059

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