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Component Runner, LLC is a design overflow company specializing in the SBC industry. We're not owned by MiTek, but we're fully authorized by MiTek to provide floor and roof truss modeling and design services exclusively for MiTek component manufacturers. We offer a long list of other SBC related services as well.  We know your design needs are variable and like all areas in business there are ebbs and flows that makes it challenging to staff accordingly. Surges in volume creates times when your existing staff just can't keep up with the demand. It's during those times that you need a relief valve that you can open and close as needed. We are that relief valve!

Specialties: Floor and roof truss modeling and design using MiTek software, exclusively for MiTek customers. BIM modeling using MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure and Autodesk's Navisworks software. Wall Panel detailing for both wall panel manufacturers and framing contractors using MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure. EWP modeling and design using MiTek, BC Framer or Javelin software. Expert in all MiTek software. Expert in MiTek data configuration resulting in guaranteed file compatibility, PlanSwift configuration, implementation and efficient use for whole house material takeoffs. Structural Building Component design. All aspects of setting up and running a Structural Building Component technical design department. Expert web developer using Joomla CMS.

We're available on a job by job basis or full time, we provide detailed time tracking sheets with each invoice so there is total transarancy in our cost, we pay MiTek directly for the use of their software, so there are no additional software charges to you. We also carry Errors and Omissions insurance. We're strive to be professional in all ways and easy to work with.

Finally, a solutiuon for increasing design capacity without adding overhead costs!

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Component Runner, LLC
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