BCMC 2013
San Antonio, Texas
October 08-10 2013

Chip Dean represented Component Runner, LLC at BCMC this year and immediately sensed a new sense of optimism that's been missing for the past 6 years. Business has improved in all regions of the country and truss plants are once again investing in their production facilities with auto-jigging systems such as the "Planx" system by MiTek and MiTek's hotest addition to their machinery line, The "Blade" (see below).


Overall, it appears that most plants are struggling with their limited design capacity even though their production volume is still only around 50% of plant capacity. This means that more and more customers are starting to look at design outsourcing as a viable solution for overflow design needs.


Chip received a private demo of MiTek's next major release of SAPPHIRE Structure and was impressed with the new features that will improve designer efficiency through a cleaner workflow.


Chip Dean inside MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure


MiTek displayed their new single bladed saw aptly called, "The Blade" They're selling like crazy as more and more people are adapting their production to "Just in Time" as the speed and accuracy of this saw makes it a viable option for production runs as well as the one offs.


MiTek announces Component Runner, LLC, a new design service to MiTek 20/20
software customers

St. Louis, January 2008 – MiTek, the world’s leading provider of state-of-the-art
connector products, automated machinery and support services to the structural building
components industry, announces a new design service exclusively to its MiTek 20/20
software customers.

Component Runner, LLC, an independent company, not owned or operated by MiTek,
provides building modeling services using all versions of MiTek software.

Component Runner fills an important and timely roll in the component design process by
quickly and economically converting plans to MiTek framing software and returning the
MiTek framing and truss engineering files to the MiTek customer for the purposes of bidding or manufacturing roof
and floor trusses and wall panels. Once the modeling files are returned the final truss
design drawings may be created using the component manufacturers design staff, allowing
them to remain in full control of the finished product.

By integrating Component Runner, LLC into the design process, it provides a valuable
outsourcing solution for MiTek customers. “MiTek customers have been asking for help
in the design process for years. We are thrilled to now have a solid solution for them.’
says Gregg Renner, Vice President of Marketing for MiTek.

Component Runner, LLC is owned and operated by J. Chip Dean, a former employee of
MiTek. “Component Runner opened in July 2007 and in the first 6 months we have
completed over 230 jobs representing both residential and commercial projects. Our job
process has proven to be efficient and cost effective for MiTek customers. With over 70
years of component design experience in our team has the experience and know-how to
help with jobs of any size and complexity.” says Chip Dean, President of Component

To learn more about Component Runner, LLC visit their website at

About MiTek
MiTek is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art engineered connector products,
equipment, software and services for the building components industry. Striving for the
single goal of enhancing customer performance, MiTek’s engineering design software
programs have evolved though constant customer partnering, solving individual problems
and helping customers realize performance improvement in their individual operations.
For more information about MiTek, visit

About Component Runner
Component Runner, LLC headquarters is located in a classic New England barn adjacent
to a salt water tributary of the North River, in historic Marshfield, Massachusetts.
Component Runner, LLC is a licensed and insured business, owned and operated by a
former MiTek employee with over 30 years industry experience in a technical leadership
capacity. Component Runner creates and delivers bid-quality or production-ready
Building Information Modeling, using MiTek 20/20 eFrame™ software exclusively for
MiTek 20/20 customers in North America at a cost less than in-house design costs.

Component Runner, LLC
P.O. Box 92 - North Marshfield, MA 02059

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